Beyond Chat GPT: The 5 Best AI Tools For Restaurant Owners

Restaurant owners, get ready to witness the power of AI that goes far beyond the capabilities of GPT. Here are five game-changing AI tools that will revolutionize the future of restaurant management and help you make more money. 



Imagine having a virtual assistant to handle customer inquiries, offer recommendations, and even take orders. That's exactly what Chatfuel, an AI-powered chatbot platform, brings to the table.

Customer Support 

Create chatbots to answer FAQs, provide information about your restaurant, and offer real-time customer assistance. Timely communication and improved response times will enhance customer engagement.

Order Management & Automation

Make manual order-taking a thing of the past. Chatbots can seamlessly handle the process, allowing customers to place orders, specify preferences, and complete transactions effortlessly. This streamlines your operations, reduces errors, and boosts efficiency.

Menu Recommendations & Upsell

Chatbots can guide your customers through your menu with ease. They can highlight popular dishes, provide descriptions, and even offer personalized recommendations based on individual preferences. Watch your sales soar as customers discover new items and indulge in upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

ChatFuel AI ChatBot setup page.

Check out Chatfuel here.



The AI-powered platform that makes inventory management easy, by optimizing stock levels, streamlining ordering, and tracking food costs.

Inventory Management

BlueCart analyzes sales data and seasonality to help you maintain the perfect inventory levels. Say goodbye to waste, minimize stock-outs, and enhance overall efficiency.

Streamlining Ordering Processes

Tired of juggling phone calls and paper orders? BlueCart simplifies and automates the ordering process. You can create and manage orders, communicate with suppliers, and track deliveries—all in one centralized platform. Save time, reduce errors, and leave traditional ordering methods behind.

Cost Control & Analytics

Keep a close eye on your food costs. BlueCart offers insights and analytics that empower you to track spending patterns, pricing trends, and order history. Armed with this data, you can make informed decisions, negotiate better deals with suppliers, and optimize costs.

Check out BlueCart here.



Picture a seamless dining experience where customers can order and pay right from their tables. That's the magic of Presto—a table-side ordering and payment system powered by AI.

Table-side Ordering & Payment

Streamline your ordering process and reduce wait times. Customers can conveniently place their orders using tablets or devices at their tables. Plus, they can settle their bills right there, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Personalized Guest Experience

Say goodbye to traditional menus. Presto offers digital menus with appealing visuals and detailed descriptions, allowing your customers to explore and make informed choices. Personalized recommendations based on preferences take the experience to the next level.

Operational Efficiency & Analytics

Make data-driven decisions to improve operations. Presto provides valuable data and analytics on order volumes, dining patterns, and performance metrics. Optimize staffing, menu offerings, and overall efficiency based on insights gained. Get ready to boost profitability!

Check out Presto here.



Tock is an all-in-one platform for reservation and guest management, that uses AI to make your life easier. 

Reservation & Table Management

Tock lets you manage reservations, table assignments, and waitlists effectively. Its AI features optimize table utilization, estimate wait times, and provide insights to improve operations and customer satisfaction. This helps in maximizing table occupancy, minimizing wait times, and ensuring a smooth and efficient dining experience for guests.

Guest Insights

Tock's AI capabilities provide valuable insights on guest preferences, dining habits, and behavior. Restaurant owners can leverage this information to offer personalized experiences, targeted promotions, and better understand their customer base. It captures and analyzes data on guest preferences, dining patterns, and booking trends. You can leverage these insights to make data-driven decisions, optimize operations, and enhance the overall guest experience.

Tock's guest insights.

Ticketing & Prepaid Reservations

Tock is known for its innovative ticketing and prepaid reservation system. It enables restaurants to sell tickets for special events, chef's tasting menus, or unique dining experiences. By securing upfront payments, restaurants can reduce no-shows, improve revenue predictability, and offer exclusive dining opportunities to customers.

Check out Tock here.



Now let's talk about OpenTable, a widely-used reservation platform that harnesses the power of AI to help customers discover and book restaurants, while providing valuable insights to restaurant owners like you.

Smart Reservation Management

OpenTable's AI algorithms analyze different data points, like historical booking patterns, customer preferences, and restaurant availability, to provide intelligent reservation management. It optimizes table availability, suggests the best seating arrangements, and accurately estimates wait times, improving the efficiency of reservation management for restaurants.

Analytics & Insights

OpenTable's AI-powered analytics provide valuable insights. By analyzing data on booking trends, customer preferences, and guest reviews, it can help you understand you target audience better. These insights enable restaurant owners like yourself to refine marketing strategies, tailor offerings, and make more informed decisions.

Fraud Detection

OpenTable uses machine learning algorithms to detect and prevent fraudulent activities related to reservations, ensuring a secure and reliable booking experience for both restaurants and customers.

Check out OpenTable here.


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