5 Ways to Blow-Up Your Coffee Shop's App Sign-Ups

If your app sign-ups are as cold as a forgotten cup of joe, fear not. We're about to spill the beans on five unique ways to blow up your coffee shop's app sign-ups.


Give Away Freebies

People love free stuff. It might be obvious, but the best way to get sign-ups is by giving away a freebie. Offer rewards, discounts, or free drinks for downloading your app.

Take Krispy Kreme; they shower you with free doughnuts when you sign up for Krispy Kreme rewards, on your birthday, and even if you ace your report card with straight A's. Their rationale? Get people through the door with free goodies and they'll probably end up buying more while they're there. Sneaky, right?

McDonald’s also claims their app's seven million downloads are thanks to their tempting welcome offers. According to James McNally, senior manager of business development at Prolific Interactive, “Part of the app’s success can be attributed to the free sandwiches and McCafe’s.”


Seek Out Strategic Partnerships

Team up with local businesses that complement your coffee shop. Partner with a bakery and offer an irresistible "Coffee and Pastry Combo" exclusively through your app. Don't stop there—cross-promote each other's apps, and launch joint campaigns that benefit both businesses and lets you tap into new audiences.

Starbucks and Spotify's collaboration is a prime example of a successful partnership. It granted Starbucks Rewards members the power to curate their very own in-store playlists, which were accessible through both the Starbucks and Spotify apps. Plus, customers who subscribed to Spotify earned additional rewards points to use on free drinks. It sparked engagement among Starbucks Rewards members, while Spotify gained access to a pool of 10 million potential subscribers.


Maximize Micro-Influencers

McDonald’s has snagged 22.6K new app users through influencer marketing. They’ve teamed up with foodie extraordinaires like Mark Wiens and Mikey Chen, putting the spotlight on how McDonald's adapts to different cultures and locations, celebrating their diversity.

But hey, you don’t need mega-stars to make an impact; think local! Connect with coffee-loving or foodie influencers in your neighbourhood. Micro-influencers have dedicated followings who hang onto their every word. So cook up some social media campaigns, sprinkle in exclusive promotions just for their loyal followers, and watch your app's reach expand. If influencers give your app their seal of approval, their devoted community is way more likely to jump on board too.


Get Clever with QR Codes

A little QR code magic can go a long way—place them strategically around your shop so customers can easily scan and download your app. Starbucks often flaunt their app’s QR code at the register and on their drink sleeves. Chipotle slip a flyer with their app’s QR code into customer’s paper bags. McDonald's print QR codes on their food packaging to entice app downloads. Make sure your customers can't miss their invitation to download your app!

Drop your QR codes off at local businesses. Make connections with nearby gyms, offices, or bookstores, and offer delicious discounts to customers or employees who sign-up for your app. Sprinkle their stores and cafeterias with flyers and posters with your app’s QR code, tempting passersby with a the promise of a freebie. Who wouldn't love a complimentary iced-coffee after a sweaty workout session? It's a surefire way to drive sign-ups.


Share the Love with Referrals

Sharing is caring. Let your customers be ambassadors for your app and bring in new coffee addicts. Reward them with discounts, exclusive perks, and of course, freebies! After all, who can resist the chance to share their love of great coffee and score a little something extra in return?

Referral programs have become a secret weapon for coffee chains trying to boost their app sign-ups. Starbucks flaunted a refer-a-friend campaign that greeted your pals with a free drink and racked up 6 bonus stars in your account for each successful referral.

UberEats knew how to play the game, too. In 2020 alone, an estimated 38% of their whopping $4.8 billion revenue came from referrals! They hooked customers up with a referral code to share with friends, earning cash discounts on their meals. Talk about spreading the love and saving some dough!