Coffee Shop Masterclass: Design, Ingredient Sourcing & Customer Experience


Matthew Evilsizor, founder of Los Angeles-based coffee consultancy Conscious Bean, specializes in assisting coffee shops with design, ingredient sourcing, and enhancing customer experiences. Since 2011, Matthew has provided expert guidance on creating fluid and functional spaces, efficient bar setups, and market positioning. Through Conscious Bean, Matthew is committed to sharing his valuable insights and experiences with fellow restaurateurs and coffee/tea shop owners.

Matthew talks all about mindset and encourages business owners to have a clear idea of their goals. Creating energy centres where people gather is a new concept, focusing on the other elements that make coffee. There has been a shift in coffee culture that really focuses on the stories that coffee tells to create a true experience every time someone orders.

[00:00] Show intro
[00:35] Background
[01:21] Matthew’s approach to designing coffee shops
[04:59] Making an efficient barista/customer bar
[07:05] How did Matthew get started in designing?
[10:37] The first step in thinking about design
[15:20] Sourcing ingredients and equipment
[18:24] What is the role of a story in a coffee shop?
[21:40] His biggest challenge over the years
[23:36] The craziest request from a coffee shop owner
[27:09] A last piece of advice for aspiring coffee shop owners
[29:25] Wrap up