Unlocking Customer Loyalty: Building a Community from the Ground Up


With over 600 tea flavors, Whimsy Tea Company has dealt with supply chain issues constantly. Co-founder Gordon Davis shares how their loyal customer community, their support for other local businesses, and the power of saying yes has helped drive growth.

[00:00] Show intro
[00:35] Background on Gordon Davis
[01:21] Why is community important and how do you foster it?
[04:11] A label artist and how it works
[06:30] The initiator of using artist labels
[08:27] From the beginnings to 24 venues and a brick and mortar store
[10:38] Getting involved in a local group
[11:30] Why is local trending?
[14:08] How to start a community
[17:58] Why don’t corporations value community?
[20:56] The biggest challenge of 600 teas and 24 venues
[24:12] Dealing with cash issues
[25:33] Roadblocks in the supply chain
[28:00] Menu size: why a long menu?
[30:15] How do you train the team?
[33:26] One piece of advice for an aspiring tea shop owner
[35:38] Outro