How to Create Your Own Private Label Coffee Brand

This week on the LocalBites podcast, we hit rewind on one of our favourite episodes with Cristina Dias, founder of Mogiana Coffee. After 11 years in the hospitality industry, she began roasting coffee beans, starting with her family's farm and gradually expanding to source beans from farms across the globe. Quality is at the core of Cristina's mission, from bean to cup. Join us as she walks us through the importing, roasting, and selling processes.


But Mogiana Coffee is more than just a business; it's a commitment to sustainability. Cristina shares their environmentally-conscious practices, ensuring every step of the journey leaves a positive impact. She introduces us to the art of cupping, the indispensable process for coffee roasters, and sheds light on its significance in maintaining the highest standards of flavor and quality.


Not only does Mogiana Coffee roast for its own brand, but they also cater to private labels, spreading their passion for excellent coffee far and wide. Rooted in her upbringing, Cristina reveals the various environmental initiatives supported on their farms, showcasing a deep dedication to preserving the natural world.


[01:24] What is Mogiana Coffee?

[03:23] The roles Cristina worked in before roasting coffee

[04:25] Sources for Mogiana Coffee

[05:36] Who does Mogiana Coffee sell to?

[08:38] Setting up a chain of care

[12:31] What does cupping mean?

[14:42] COVID throwing things off

[16:06] Coffee roasting for selling private label

[18:48] Sustainability from farm to cup

[23:01] Advice for someone who wants to start a private label