Use Influencers to Increase Restaurant Revenue. Here's How.





Alexandra Scott has been in the restaurant industry for 13 years, working her way up from server, to manager, and then becoming involved in the corporate level. Now a marketing consultant at Tableside Restaurant Group, Alex manages marketing strategies for multiple restaurant brands. Having been front of house before, Alex brings a unique perspective to marketing and shares some of the lessons she’s learned along her journey.

Alex talks about some of the strategies she uses with her clients—like using influencers to connect with their communities, while also promoting their restaurants. After working with an influencer, restaurants will often see a spike in customers. So how do you turn those customers into regulars? Let's dive in. 

[00:00] Show intro.
[00:36] How Alex got started in the restaurant industry.
[01:57] Being at the front of the store.
[04:20] Lessons Alex learned that she now applies to marketing.
[05:49] How do you keep your ego out of things?
[07:22] Engaging different brands.
[09:40] Engaging communities.
[11:33] How do you pick influencers to collaborate with?
[14:31] How do you measure the success of campaigns?
[16:20] Turning one-time customers into loyal customers.
[18:10] Campaigns that went well and campaigns that didn’t.
[21:47] Marketing advice for aspiring restaurateurs.
[23:48] Closing out.