3 Ways QSR’s Should be More Like McDonald’s

McDonald's is the Godfather of QSR's. With a whopping 40,275 locations across 118 countries, they're feeding 69 million people every day. It's easy to look up at these giants and think, Hey, we can't compete!" But there's plenty of tasty lessons you can learn from the golden arches that raked in a jaw-dropping $23.18 billion global revenue in 2022. So grab your notepads!


Leverage Loyalty

According to McDonald's CEO Chris Kempcziski, their global loyalty scheme is the fast food giant's single biggest driver of digital adoption. “It's helping us better meet our customers' needs as we build more authentic and personal relationships”.

In 2021, McDonald's launched the legendary MyMcDonald's Rewards program on their app. And by 2022, their app was the undisputed champion of food apps worldwide, with a staggering 127 million downloads. That's more than the combined total of the next three most downloaded food apps in the US.

Today, a whopping 25 million active users are hooked on their MyMcDonald's Rewards program, which earns them points with every visit. And what do these points get you? What everyone wants—free menu items.

Why does it Matter?

It's not just about earning brownie points with customers; it's about the juicy data they provide. Their acts of loyalty are golden nuggets of information for restaurants. Customer data is McDonald's secret ingredient when cooking up new menu items, innovations, and identifying areas for improvement.

But for McDonald's, the real jackpot lies in increasing frequency. As Kempczinski put it, roughly 80% of the population in their operating markets swings by a McDonald's once a year. It's not about reaching more people—it's about getting them to visit more often. That's where loyalty programs come in, rewarding customers for visiting again and again. And it's working—markets worldwide that have embraced McDonald's loyalty program have witnessed a surge in visits. Ka-ching!

How Can I do it?

Okay, here's the deal. We know you don't have a million bucks to splurge on a loyalty program like McDonald's. But, Craver’s got custom branded mobile app technology comes with a built-in loyalty program. Your customers can earn points, track their balance, and see how close they are to that sweet reward. Plus, you get access to their juicy data.


Embrace New Technologies

When it comes to embracing technology, McDonald's is the true pioneer. They've revolutionized the game with McDelivery, self-ordering kiosks, mobile ordering and payment systems, and their MyMcDonald’s Rewards loyalty program. Digital represents over one-third of their systemwide sales. 

Why Does it Matter?

Their digital first approach has made them kings personalization and convenience. Customers feel even more connected to McDonald’s, and that's shown in the increase in visits and engagement.

How Can I do it?

Here's a tasty tip for all QSR's out there: With Craver's industry-leading technology, you can achieve this too. Craver’s custom branded iPad kiosks are a budget-friendly secret weapon for local restaurants ready to embrace digital innovation. All you need is an iPad and any Square stand to increase your average order value by as much as 20%. 


Maximize Margin 

McDonalds is the king of the cross-sell and upsell. Ah, the timeless phrase heard ‘round the world: "Would you like fries with that?" McDonald's knows how to seize an opportunity and boost their sales with a simple yet effective strategy. They let the customer take the lead, choose what they want, and then sprinkle some extra value on top by suggesting additional items.

Why Does it Matter

The phrase "would you like fries with that?" is estimated to account for a whopping 15-40% of McDonald’s annual profits. No, seriously. Those little extras may seem insignificant, but when you add 'em all up, it's a tasty reward. 

How Can I do it?

Craver’s apps and kiosks make upsell and cross-sell even easier by automating the process. Imagine a checkout page filled with irresistible extras, tempting customers to make it a meal, upgrade to a large, or "add fries to that". And the best part is that you have full control over which items take the stage and in what order.