From Fine-Dining to QSR: How to Transition Your Business Model



Starting up a restaurant comes with a unique set of challenges, but what if you’re trying to create a quick service model of the back of an established fine dining brand? This week on the LocalBites podcast, we hit rewind on one of our favourite episodes with Quentin Meloff, operations manager for Aloette Go. Aloette Go was opened as a response to the COVID pandemic and the brand faced hard decisions about customers, building a takeout model, and more.

System improvements in quick service dining often come from suppliers. The restaurant industry is one where you can train anybody if you provide them with a great system. Aloette Go is willing to take risks with hires and look for people with good attitudes and a teachable spirit. Sometimes you have to come to customers first, and it’s important to get feedback from customers to build a service that people enjoy.

[00:00] Show intro
[00:36] A little background on Aloette Go
[01:15] How do you go about managing fine dining and a take out concept?
[02:45] The biggest differences between Alo and Aleotte Go
[03:56] What about your menu?
[05:08] How did you learn about the take out model?
[06:42] Starting a brand off the back of another brand: the customer side of things
[09:45] Considering going from one location to a second one
[11:47] Systems for fine dining vs. quick service
[14:03] Finding the right suppliers
[15:47] The unexpected problems in a year and a half of Aloette Go
[18:23] Employment at Aloette Go
[20:46] Third party delivery providers
[23:43] Advice for someone that wants to transition their business model
[25:25] Closing out