McDonald's is Removing its Bakery Lineup: Here's What we Can Learn

What’s Happening?

After a relatively short three-year-stint on their menu, McDonald’s bid farewell to their McCafe Bakery lineup. Starting this month, McDonald’s will be phasing out their Apple Fritter, Blueberry Muffin, and Cinnamon Roll offerings. Why? Well, it turns out these items just weren't hitting the mark with their customers. And that's okay! They recognized the need to focus on items that are resonating more with their sweet-toothed audience, such as the iconic Chocolate Chip Cookie, Baked Apple Pie, and frozen desserts. 


What Went Wrong?

McDonald's rolled out the McCafé Bakery lineup in 2020, bravely attempting to revive their breakfast sales after the pandemic hit. And boy, the breakfast battleground was heating up, especially with Wendy's throwing their hat into the morning ring. Undeterred, McDonald's fought back with the Apple Fritter, Blueberry Muffin, and Cinnamon Roll, offering breakfast options that could be devoured at any hour. It was a battle of the breakfasts! But it turns out their McCafe Bakery items didn't go down a treat. 

The news comes right as McDonald's is testing the waters with Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Always cooking up something exciting, they're trialling sales at select locations in Louisville. CEO Michael Tattersfield gave it a thumbs-up, calling it "a great partnership". Could these doughnuts be their secret weapon to replace the McCafé Bakery lineup?


Why Does it Matter?

Listening to customers should be a top priority for every restaurant owner. McDonald's understood this—they paid attention to their fans' feedback and realized their bakery items didn't quite hit the spot. This willingness to listen and adapt is a lesson we can all chew on!

Here's the scoop: all of us should regularly scrutinize our menus. Sink your teeth into customer feedback, sales data, and market trends to spot any dishes that may be leaving a bland taste. By embracing change, you can whip up a menu that wows your customers and keeps them craving more.


What Can You Do?

Take a cue from McDonald's—they really nailed it. With your very own custom-branded Craver App, you can get full access to all of your juicy customer data to stay in tune with their preferences.

Separate your superstar menu items from the stragglers. Fine-tune your menu, giving the limelight to your most popular dishes. Adjust pricing, portions, and presentation to maximize profits and leave customers feeling satisfied.

But wait, there's more. Customer data analysis also paves the way for new creations. By understanding preferences and purchasing patterns, you can introduce fresh items that align with popular choices.

And don't forget about seasonal trends. Uncover your customer’s preferred flavours and ingredients during specific times of the year. Tap into the excitement of seasonal offerings and watch your customers swarm to try your limited-time specials.